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Metro Area Pheasants Forever - Youth Page

Metro Area Pheasants Forever - Youth Page

Minnesota's Next Pheasant Hunters

Pheasants Forever believes the future of conservation and our hunting heritage depends upon today’s youth having the desire and opportunities to carry on the ethical traditions of this organization. At both the national and chapter level, Pheasants Forever is investing in sound programs enriched with events such as youth mentor hunts, conservation events and habitat projects. Below you'll find information about the wide range of youth programming Metro Area PF provides metro area youth. From wing shooting training, providing mentored hunt opportunities, or sponsoring local high school trap teams Metro Area PF strives to reach and involve youth in our state's rich hunting tradition, igniting passions and creating future conservations to ensure a strong pheasant hunting and habitat legacy.

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Metro Area PF 5 Step Shooting System

Our shooting system is specifically designed to pass on the fun and excitement of wing shooting to youth by building upon five simple steps for success. We are passionate about passing the tradition of wing shooting, our sport's future, on to our youth!

Our shooting system is a quick effective starting block for young shooters to build their shooting skills with. Participants will learn and practice with our team a simple, five step shooting system:

1. Establish dominant eye and incorporate opposite hand pointing and leaning
2. Foot position and leaning
3. Proper stock mount and pointing
4. Shooting simulation with clays
5. Gun/live ammo and clays

Each step moves seamlessly to the next and culminates in a natural easy system for young shooters, which helps them to start hitting more targets. It's easy to use and easy to remember.

Five-Step Wingshooting Program - Sign Up Here !

Five-Step Wingshooting Program - Sign Up Here !

The Metro Chapter Wing Shooting System is specifically designed to pass on the fun and excitement of wing shooting for youth by building five simple steps for success. Each of the steps moves seamlessly to the next and culminates in hitting more targets. The system is easy to use AND easy to remember! Each student will learn to properly shoot a shotgun. Our five-step system will teach students their dominant eye, establish foot position and appropriate posture, how to mount a shotgun, point at a target, concentrate on a target and ultimately break a target. The system is designed to give the student the basics so they feel comfortable carrying and shooting a shotgun before entering a field to hunt. In addition, our program provides the foundation for a student to advance his or her skills in a shooting sports program.

2021 Five-Step Wingshooting Program

Introduction to Wing Shooting is "FREE” to all participants

Each session is limited to 24 students, there is one session per Sunday.

  • Session 1: Sunday, May 23rd / Noon - 2 pm - This session is full/ Pick another one!
  • Session 2: Sunday, July 11th / Noon - 2 pm - This session has reopened due to cancellations
  • Session 3: Sunday, August 8th / Noon - 2 pm


2021 Sign Up

Learn to Hunt Program

Learn to Hunt Program

This program requires students to have first completed our Wingshooting Program and also to have completed MN DNR gun safety. The goal of Learn to Hunt is to develop all the skills necessary to hunt safely on your own. Students will be expected to watch online videos at home (homework!) in order to maximize class time shooting and being afield (See the videos below). This program is divided into 3 one week segments but for this year only we will cover all three sessions in one two-hour class.  Students who complete the class will be invited to the Shawn Garlinghouse Legacy Shoot on Sept. 12th and a pheasant hunt in Marshall, MN. behind our dogs in cooperation with the Lyon County PF Chapter's mentored-hunt day in October. 


Session 1 - 5 step shooting program review, loading different types of shotguns, learning instinctive shooting method, shooting clay targets 

Session 2 - clothing basics for pheasant hunting, cleaning birds, safety review, mock hunt scenarios, shooting clay targets

Session 3 - Safety review, finding birds afield, intro to hunting behind both flushing and pointing dogs, going afield together.

Tentative Goals of Learn to Hunt

Review the 5 step program

Practice safety afield (fence crossing, shooting lanes, line hunting)

Learn safety with all types of shotguns

Learn instinctive shooting basics as taught by Robert Churchill

Practice shooting "pheasant type" targets (straight, quartering, & crossing) 

Introduction to flushers and pointers

Basic map work to find public hunting (OnX, map books, DNR websites)

Doing a three-person line hunt afield.

Clothing options for hunting

Cleaning and cooking pheasants and grouse

How to read a field  

Each session is limited to 24 students, there is one session per Sunday

  • Session 1: Sunday, May 23rd   Noon - 2 pm 
  • Session 2: Sunday, July 11th   Noon - 2 pm
  • Session 3: Sunday, August 8th  Noon - 2 pm
  • Session 4: Sunday, September 12th -  Shawn Garlinghouse Legacy Shoot. Times will be assigned for each shooter.

Learn to Hunt Homework Videos

Learn to Hunt Homework Videos

Each Session has some short videos attached as homework. Please watch the videos for the section you are about to attend before you come.

Session One

Five step shooting program review

Video not available yet

Loading shotguns: pumps, double barrels & autoloaders.

Basic instinctive shooting.

Session 2

Clothing basics

Cleaning pheasants

Hunting safely in the field

Crossing a fence safely

Not available at this time.

Session 3 

Finding birds in the field

Hunting with pointing dogs

Hunting with flushing dogs

Getting a license, talking to conservation officers

This video is not available at this time

Safety going afield review

Shawn M. Garlinghouse Youth Legacy Hunt

Shawn M. Garlinghouse Youth Legacy Hunt

This event is dedicated to Shawn Garlinghouse. Shawn’s passion for hunting and his love of the outdoors inspired his family and friends to create and fund a legacy shoot in Shawn’s name. Those funds, which were so thoughtfully contributed, provide for a free hunt and shoot day for kids at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club every fall since 2013.

The Shawn M. Garlinghouse Youth Legacy Hunt is the culmination of the wing shooting program for youth participants who have attended all of the Learn to Hunt sessions. Selected participants have all exhibited the ability to carry and shoot a shotgun with a degree of proficiency and confidence. More importantly, these young shooters have all practiced outstanding firearm safety, displaying a sense of maturity beyond their years.

For all our youth hunting participants we wish you many future safe and exciting hunts. We hope that you are able to utilize your legacy hunt experience as a catalyst to build a future of lifelong hunting memories.

A special thanks to Tom & Ann Garlinghouse; parents of Shawn, and to Mike Setran, founder of the Shawn Garlinghouse Legacy Shoot and the Five Step Shooting System. Also, a big thank you to the volunteers from The Lake Country Retriever Club, members and friends of The Metro Area Pheasants Forever Chapter along with the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club for making this event possible.