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Metro Area Pheasants Forever

Metro Area Pheasants Forever Youth Program


Pheasants Forever believes the future of conservation and our hunting heritage depends upon today’s youth having the desire and opportunities to carry on the ethical traditions of this organization. At both the national and chapter level, Pheasants Forever is investing in sound programs enriched with events such as youth mentor hunts, conservation events and habitat projects.

The mission of the Metro Area Pheasants Forever Youth Program is to promote firearm safety and positive outdoor experiences in order to foster a respect and appreciation for wildlife, habitat, and conservation.

The Youth Program is a perfect chance for a child to experience the excitement and thrill of pheasant hunting.  The Youth Program will introduce kids to the outdoors, give them a chance to get outside, and get them active.  Whether it's your own son or daughter, the grandkids, or even a neighbor, the Youth Program is open to everyone.  The only prerequisite is successful completion of a DNR Firearm Safety class.

Through a variety of phases, participants will gain knowledge, learn skills, and develop an understanding necessary to be responsible hunters and conservationists.

The Metro Chapter Wing Shooting System is specifically designed to pass on the fun and excitement of wing shooting for youth by building FIVE SIMPLE STEPS FOR SUCCESS.  Each of the steps moves seamlessly to the next and culminates in hitting more targets.  The system is easy to use AND easy to remember!  Each student will learn to properly shoot a shotgun.  Our five step system will teach students their dominant eye, establish foot position and an appropriate leaning, mount a shotgun, point at a target, concentrate on a target and ultimately break a target.  The system is designed to give the student the basics so they feel comfortable carrying and shooting a shotgun before entering a field to hunt.  In addition, our program provides the foundation for a student to advance his or her skills in a shooting sports program.

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